The Candy Crush Obession


Recently I have been obsessed with Candy Crush saga (if you’ve never heard of it, you might want to crawl out of that rock you’ve been living under). But it’s just not me, at work it seems to be one of the hot topics. It always comes up in conversations around the office. Just the other day I was sitting in the dining room with my fellow co-worers having lunch. They’re usually a jolly and very loud group of people, always telling jokes and lauging at lunch. But today it was a different story, we were rather quiet. 

All of a sudden one of my co-workers takes out his iPhone and we all hear that very recognizable little jingle. All of a sudden the conversation started about a stupid little game. But that stupid little game brought us to having a little chat about it and that led to another topic and so on. This, like many other little games on facebook, I believe, have that quality to them. They are extremely addictive and often times become annoyng. I cant count the times I have almost destroyed my phone because I get stuck on one of the harder levels (they’re just so damn hard!). But be it as it may, they bring people together. It definetley has begun conversations with strangers, co-workers and between my mom and my boyfriend (which is not very common). So thank you Candy Crush Saga for bringing people together And making us obsess over the little jingle and imposible to beat levels.

P.S. If you have any tips on how to be better at this game i will forever be greatful.

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