My Problem with the “Religious”


Coming from a family that is very religious and conservative to a certain point, it baffles some people that I think this way. Then again not a lot of people know about this so here it goes.

I grew up in a family that was mainly Christian. My father was not always as devote as he claimed to be but he claimed to be Christian, just like my mother. For a very long time after my parents divorced I only lived with my father. During that time he became very devote and even started studying theology so he could become Pastor and Preacher of the church we practically lived in. (Said church is owned by family members and has been so for the past 70 or so years). So I grew up in this environment of preaching the holy word and following the lord’s commandments. I was 9 so it was all very normal to me, in fact I loved going to church and participating in every way I could.

As I stared to get older I started realizing some of the ugly truths. People in the church (mainly family members) were all very hypocritical. They all had this holy and pure façade, but in reality they were not as holy and pure as they claimed to be (and so it still is that way to this day). Of course there are exceptions and I’m not saying that EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN is the same. That being said, I also recognize that there are people who are very devote and are the best people I know and I respect them very much.

Anyway, the older I got the clearer it all became. Nothing but lies and contradiction. And it seems a lot of people are living this way, fooling themselves (or at least tying to) into thinking that going to church on Sundays and giving money to their church they will somehow buy their stairway to heaven. Meanwhile any other day than Sunday, they sin in so many ways. Sometimes they are not aware that they sin, yet they claim to know oh so very much about the bible and gods ways. Judging and criticizing everyone else who dares to think, act or live differently from them.

If they really lived by the laws of god and exactly how the bible states it, we would have cases of women being stoned to death because they slept with a man without being married. Because let’s face it, it’s oh so very common nowadays. We would still be experiencing the Holy Inquisition.

What bothers me the most about all this is the religious holidays, whereas many other holidays, religious or not, people ignore the real significance of the holiday, or the absolutely don’t know why it is even celebrated.  

Just today I was asked if I was not upset because I didn’t get my “holy week vacation” from work. To which I responded NO. Why? Because it’s not like I loathe coming to work every day, and besides I don’t really have anything to celebrate. If other people feel that they are entitled to have this time off from school or work because their savior died to absolve them from all their sins and still sin regardless, fine. That’s not my case. Of course it would be nice to have a week off from work so I can visit my friends back in my hometown, but I am grateful that I don’t have to work all day tomorrow and I have a three day weekend. That is more than enough for me.

To me all this religious holiday crap is just another way for companies to earn millions of dollars on useless junk that will have no meaning whatsoever after the holiday is over. And it gives “religious people” another reason to feel better than others and try to guilt you into joining their congregation. Also it gives us normal people a time to relax and get wasted at our local bar, pretending to follow along with these traditions. Even though we know better.

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